Monday, May 11, 2009

"the essence of her beauty"

The ethnic studies major in me thinks I may have been a tad flippant about the idealization of white skin in the last post.

Also, in light of too many comments I've seen lately about young female victims.
When I die? Please. Sing loudly. Eat jam. Read my favorite books. Do not. Sigh about my beauty, real or imagined. Thank you.

A few links to educate and entertain on these themes.

Beauty and the Bleach - from the LA Times a few years back.
Some Asian American women spend thousands pursuing the traditional ideal of whiter skin. Others see a dark shadow of prejudice.

a thoughtful blogpost critiquing a skin whitening ad
...this was actually the first time I had seen a TV commercial for a skin whitening product.
Colorism–the preference of lighter skinned people over darker skinned–is an ugly reality in the black community, and in other communities of color as well...

And I leave you with this fantastic short from the Media That Matters Film Festival. "Slip of the Tongue" - Spoken word, straight out of Oakland. (O! That all bus stops in this town were so clean! O! That cheesy pick up lines were remotely offensive on the scale of Overheard at the Bus Stop!)

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  1. Thanks for that great video, which is a great reminder of how brainwashed we are about "beauty." Yesterday I had a business meeting with a woman maybe 50-ish, graying hair, lovely expressive eyes, perfect teeth and a genuine, frequently flashed smile. As I watched her, my brain said "she'd be really pretty with makeup." Yikes! How sick is that?