Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's get February and March out of the way once and for all

So once upon a time in February before she got too busy to update her blog, Katie chaired a Sacred Harp convention for the first time. It all went shockingly smoothly, thanks to the excessive notes that I took when I kept Scott on the phone for an hour making him tell me every single thing I would be expected to do over the course of the entire weekend. Um, that and the fact that Texas conventions can run themselves blindfolded and with both arms tied behind their backs. Quincy found us a plush new hotel to stay at in College Station (so clean! I'm never staying at a hotel that opened more than 4 months ago again!!!) and we rang in Alexa's birthday with sashimi (does sashimi in College Station trump the sushi we got in Utah, Cita?) and our annual alcoholic night on the town. Well, except for me, since I got a silly migraine and went back to the hotel to sleep it off. While I've never said no to three shots, two bad beers, and an Irish Car Bomb in College Station before... um, I think it was a good move on my part. If my liver could have shaken my hand, I'm pretty sure it would have.

R getting his money's worth at our plush hotel

Then I went back to Massachusetts, and I take back everything mean I said about WMass in March. Because even though March is Austin is pretty as can be, I forgot (sorry, maudlin alert) how much I love walking through the woods in early spring when they're still all white and icy but you can hear the snowmelt dripping and all the overfull rivers rushing in the background. Oh man. Totally worth missing all the redbuds for. And with that, I'll leave you with some photos, dear readers, so you can imagine you came to Massachusetts with me. And then let us put my last vacation behind us and focus our attentions on my NEXT vacation. That's right, the one I'm leaving for on Saturday. Which I presumably won't get around to blogging about for at least four more months.

Pictures are here. You know you wish that your vacation included, in chronological order: tiny mom-made pink-frosted birthday cakes; catching up with the gang at your favorite singing convention; snow!; excessive family Yahtzee; a trip to Mimi's house; three blissful hours at the Metropolitan Museum; adorable children of friends (I mean SERIOUSLY people, have you ever seen anything as cute as Alexandra's family on the stairs????????); and lots of quality Mom & Dad time. Not pictured: my friend Trini's Manhattan apartment with an expansive view of Ground Zero; at least 25 other beloved people I saw at WMSHC; and the other 18 pictures I took of the snow. Have I mentioned that I love snow?

And last but not least, let's conclude with Rebecca's fine rendition of 283...

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  1. So much media whose existence I had long forgotten about! I want more snow pictures!!!!!!