Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Life, going on

When I came home today my inbox was full of emails about a fatal shooting at Wesleyan today. In cold blood, in the campus bookstore/cafe, at lunchtime. Damn. What a shock to the community, I can't imagine. I'm just so thankful that this kind of tragedy IS a huge shock there, as opposed to places like, say, Oakland where we have to make a fancy map to track all the homicides. For once, the Middletown Press seems to have the best coverage. (If you ignore the goofy exaggeration of that being in a "bad" part of town.)

Fortunately, I also came home to the other side of the circle of life! Inder and Steve are home from the hospital with newly minted Joseph Roscoe! It's so good to have the whole family here! J.R. is so much more awake and active than when I first met him, gawking at the world, making actual noises and waving around his appendages. This makes a fair bit of sense, since he was about 3 hours old back then, and he's lived a whole lifetime of 2 days by now. So far his hobbies include nursing and swinging. I know some of you (mom) have been clamoring for photos, so I sent out an email with a link to a whole gallery. It's got a password so I didn't want to post it here but just shoot me a comment/email if I missed you. I am stealing one of Steve's, though, for public consumption. Behold!

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