Monday, May 04, 2009

Prompt baby B on the way...

So, Inder went into labor early this morning, the day of her due date. And here she was fretting about the baby being late! Of course I started the water boiling right away. That is, I made her tea and a peanut butter sandwich (this baby is going to come out in the shape of a PB sandwich.) Henceforth my role in this thing consists mostly of dogsitting and updating the sacred harp public. And keeping my germs to myself. (Geez, between impending birth and swineflufever this is not the time to be sniffling. Do you hear me, immune system?) Let's all keep Steve and Inder in our thoughts for a safe and speedy delivery, and hopefully when I get back from work this afternoon I'll have more in the way of an update!


  1. Yay baby... hope all goes well and can't wait to get the update!

  2. yay! i send sterile hugs to the whole household