Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Speaking of California...

These past couple weeks I've been really earning my citizenship.

I did remember to vote today. Inder and I were #s 64 and 65 to show at our polling place. At 7 pm. Hmm. I voted yes down the line except the last prop (raise freezes for state officials in bad fiscal years.) Not because I don't support it but just because I felt like counteracting the rest of em. (I know, I'm voter illogic in action.) God forbid we provide any concrete emergency funding for schools and health care, but we've got all these populist torches who don't know what to do with...

I was in an earthquake drill (awkwardly shared a doorway with a staff member I don't know while all the kids ducked and covered), watched an earthquake assembly (it was actually awesome, a science guy simulated a house falling down on this quake table hooked up to a richter scale), and noticed another earthquake! (the window made a noise, 3.0)

I also chaperoned a field trip to Tilden Park, my first time at the local favorite outdoor spot. I got schooled in avoiding poison oak and ticks, which were out in droves. We bussed up to "Inspiration Point" (I kept snickering, is that a make out spot or what?) and then "hiked" down a couple miles to the mini farm. The kids were completely oblivious to all aspects of nature except the roly polys they were obsessed with collecting. But we all had a good time feeding celery and lettuce to the animals... the cows took these big tonguey mouthfuls, the sheep made rapid fire polite nibbles, and the goats tried to take our hands off. 1 trip down, 3 to go!

I've also been enjoying all kinds of "appreciation." Which pretty much consists of people telling me to eat every time I turn around. Last week there was a teacher and staff appreciation luncheon complete with parents serving up an elaborate Mexican feast and homemade Chinese desserts. This week is classified staff week, and they've been providing great food for us every day! I'm impressed, everyone at that school works so hard to take care of each other.

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