Monday, May 25, 2009

while blessed with parental advice and affection...

Random snapshots of the last few months. Me and B at the Mahoneys, Natalia's cat in a box, the quart+ of orange juice I squeezed from the last of Ian's oranges.

Coming off a LAZY 4 day weekend (from one job anyway.) I did get to sing twice. Tonight I was joined by such illustrious companions as Inder and JR, in his sacred harp debut! Dressed for the occasion in the shapenote onesie that a friend embroidered. (In case you were wondering, apparently I CAN sight read the treble part to family bible while bouncing an infant.) New developments: JR's learning to be a fussypants. Also his eyes are lightening, he's got these giant grey-blue peepers. He's suddenly big on making eye contact and checking out what's going on around him. If you want to see for yourself, I've been informed that the place to get baby pictures is facebook. Go look up Inder. I may even have to join if I ever want to see pictures!

I've also finally gotten around to posting some new favorite from Deborah Madison on the recipe blog.

Cherries and peaches are in season. Drool.

Wednesday we're taking a field trip to an A's game.

I got my letter of "reasonable assurance" from OUSD that I will still be employed next year.

Ah yes - my summer plans are coming together. Bernie Madoff tried his best to ruin my trip, but I finally got confirmation that I'm going on the free birthright trip to Israel! Best of all, it's a special "last chance" bus so everyone will be my age. None of these bright eyes college kids spoiling my old-timer fun, unlike Katie's trip. Sucker. Then it's off to visit KT and R and sing in San Antone. I also have to fit a family reunion in Georgia, a trip up to Portland to visit MP who's interning there this summer, and a birthday trip to Boston for Grandpa Labon's centennial. Plus I should be getting some visitors. Oh, and I guess I have to work a few hours in there. But when will I make the jam????


  1. Very cute JR photos on facebook it's true! come join us rebecita (also many photos of our trip to CA on there).
    I'm jealous of the cherries and peaches, we do have greens at the farmers market now at least.

  2. Oak Park's first market was Sat. past. Sparse, but I'm hopeful.

  3. i LOVE THE NEW BANNER! (of course it may not be very new, as i read through google, but i love it nonetheless.)

  4. Thanks buddy! Definitely new, I've been tinkering with new banners forever and finally just went with something super minimalist.