Monday, June 22, 2009

Counting the days... til school starts again?

School's really out now. Extra week of training and all. The parents fed us so well, I don't think any of the teachers/staff could eat dinner the last few weeks. I of course spent way too much time picking out some special summer reading presents for the kids I work with most because that's what I do. But most of the kids ended up LOVING their books beyond anything I expected. One of them proclaimed "That's my favorite book!!!" (Nate the Great) and insisted on reading it while walking back to class. My two newcomer girls (they of the artwork) were so enamored of reading their new books and their first time playing bingo that we had an extra class by popular demand. Afterward one of them sighed wistfully, "This was the BEST day!"

GAH! The preciousness of these children! I haven't been this sad about the end of school in a LONG time. Seriously, I have the easiest and most rewarding job. ever. Have I mentioned how excited I am to start out next year in the new building in a real classroom with real training and materials from day one? And with kids that I get to keep for a whole year??

In other news.
I exposed myself to WAY too much creepy thinky scifi yesterday (read a chunk of I, Robot and saw Moon with Natalia.) So far no more nightmares.
I am kicking off the summer travel season with the Morrison family reunion in Rome, GA this weekend.
I have a date with the other Natalia to pick berries and make jam next week! Hopefully I'll get around to the loquat jam today/tomorrow so I'm not so rusty.

Note to self / questionable shoe math: The next time you accidentally order two pairs of the exact same tevas and then forget to return one pair for over a year, don't donate it to Goodwill. Because no sooner will you do that than Crouton will eat one of the identical shoes and you'll go from having 2 pairs to 1/2 pair, which is to say zero pairs. (Clearly it's also Crouton's fault that I immediately went online and bought not 1 but 3 new pairs of replacement shoes.)

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