Thursday, June 04, 2009

I haven't done any "File Under..."s for a while

As the blog header promises, I'm a little punchy from excessive traveling and work craziness, so let's get to it and see what turns up. In alphabetical order, we have:

ADVICE, FREE: Never accidentally schedule your 5-day vacation to end 24 hours before you have to fly to Washington DC for a conference that is mostly a waste of your time. It will make you instantly forget about all the fun things you did on vacation and you will forced to treat yourself to even more expensive airport vanilla soft-serve than you would have otherwise in a vain attempt to console yourself for having to spend so much time on airplanes.

EATING HABITS, FREAKISH: Speaking of guilty food pleasures, am I the only one who eats frozen orange juice concentrate straight out of the can? Can I get a witness?

ENTERING THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, SIGNS THAT I MAY BE: I'm on Facebook, I own a flat-screen tv, and sometimes I remember to turn my cellphone on. But I also listen to cd's and have a landline, so I guess the jury's still out on that one.

I, TM: Now that I finally got what I entered this sham marriage for in the first place (health insurance), I went to see a dermatologist to get a routine examination of my moles. While I appreciate their taking pictures of me to document any future changes, I was a little psychologically unprepared for what that entailed. Which was maybe the unsexiest naked photo shoot, like, EVER.

PLANNING, POOR: The fact that I went on a Birthright trip in 2007, Jenna went last year, and Rebecca's about to go on one.

POSSIBLE, I NEVER THOUGHT IT WAS: Our exploding cucumber plants have produced so much fruit that, well, I might be getting a little sick of cucumbers. I'VE BECOME EVERYTHING I HATE!!!

Okay, clearly this post is going nowhere and I should have been asleep an hour and a half ago. So I'll bid you all adieu for the weekend and check in again next week, when I will surely have something equally pointless to write about.

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  1. Cucumbers, when life give you: Make pickles!!!