Friday, June 26, 2009

Let's dig up the map and / let's leave while we're happy

1) I think we all know in advance that nothing I can possibly post will be as enjoyable as Rebecca's recap of her extended family reunion this weekend. So I won't even try to make this good.

2) It occurs to me that we've had triple-digit temperatures pretty much every day for the past two weeks (yesterday was 106, by the way) and I haven't ONCE used this blog as a forum to air my weather-related grievances. I'M GETTING SOFT!!!!!!!

3) Today I received an email from a local organization inviting me to join them at a benefit performance "for a hilarious night of comedy and caring." Just like that Simpsons where Principal Skinner welcomes everyone to a wonderful night of "theater and picking up after yourselves." I can't decide which event I'd rather go to.

4) Speaking of Simpsons, we just got a new flat-screen tv, which -- with our usual impeccable timing -- was almost instantly followed by the loss of every single one of our local stations except for Fox. EXCEPT FOR FOX. WHY DIGITAL CONVERSION WHY. However, this has resulted in an exponential increase in our Simpsons-watching, so I guess it's not entirely a bad thing. At least I never actually used to watch our old tv so I don't know what I'm missing. Poor Richard is still detoxing from the abrupt loss of "Ellen."

5) I'm taking an adult education intro to Spanish class at the community college, which is chock full of the usual random assortment of people who take adult education intro to Spanish classes (the old man with the crewcut who sits in the front row, the guy who works for Time Warner and wants to be able to understand his customers when they tell him to go away and come back next week, the girl whose parents are Colombian and Mexican but who doesn't know how to spell or conjugate anything, the insufferable hippie lady in the batik sundresses, the earnest white guy who wants to raise his daughter to speak Spanish, the confused lady who's taking this class for the second time because she didn't understand anything the first time, etc). I'm hoping some good stories will ensue... I'll keep you posted.

I'll close with a recently-unearthed shot of our heroes (that's right... R, me, and Rad) taken by Jim O. at South by Southwest in March. Happy weekend!


  1. insufferable hippie lady in the batik sundresses

    There's at least one tautology or other redundancy here...the fun is in trying to decide where. As always, hours of entertainment in Rebecca & KT's blog.


  2. Snicker. Conceded. Really if you took out any single word from this sentence it would still mean the same thing :)

    Also - Rebecca, can we keep a running list of words Matt uses on our blog that I don't know?

  3. As always, I'm delighted to try to help people understand Matt. Tautology: needless repetition of an idea, statement, or word.

    And of course, redundancy: an act or instance of needless repetition
    (or) the part of a message that can be eliminated without loss of essential information.

    Not sure why he's using both here. Could it be... extremely nerdy humor?

    KT -- at least you can watch So You Think You Can Dance (Wednesdays, 8pm) (What? It is AWESOME). And in the fall, you can watch Glee. If you have not yet watched the pilot for Glee, go to Hulu and watch it right now. Right. Now.


  4. Ha ha, thank GOD you still keep up with our blog Linda or we'd never have any idea what Matt was talking about. (Best start to a definition ever: "'Forfend,' far from being the made-up word or unlikely typo it first appears to be..."

    Also, I randomly heard an NPR interview a few months ago with the guy who created Glee but had totally forgotten about it till now. Hmmm... I may have some Huluing to do...

  5. And for Briana's benefit, I will now close my parenthesis:


  6. All tautology is necessarily redundancy; all redundancy is not necessarily tautology.

    Just in case there was *any* doubt of my nerddom.