Thursday, June 25, 2009

Speaking of John Prine...

By a fountain back in Rome I fell in love with you
In a small cafe in Athens you said you loved me too
And it was April in Paris when I first held you close to me
Rome, Georgia, Athens, Texas and Paris, Tennessee

3 impossible things before, well, not breakfast, but dinner!
1) I actually packed for my trip LAST NIGHT.
2) I finally made the first jam of the season (ginger loquat).
3) We managed to round up the whole household (for those of you keeping track we're up to three adults, 2 pooches, and one baby) for a short hike up on Skyline.

Now I'm off on a red eye to Rome!

1 comment:

  1. Rome, Georgia!! I'll take good care of your jam. Mind the meats.

    P.S. That's (one of) Steve's and my song(s)! Cuz you know, we're definitely more the draft beer and wienie set.