Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She's the best of 13 sisters, and 37 more...

1) I caught one of my interns listening to Eddie From Ohio this afternoon. Another day, another flashback to 1999.

2) Breaking update: Sometimes Massachusetts forgets to pretend that it's not racist. Whoopsy. (Racial talk swirls with Gates arrest: Harvard scholar taken from home)

3) Well, I managed to be married for 8 months before losing my wedding ring. I should have had you all take bets on whether or not I'd make it a year. (Technically it was my engagement ring too, so am I allowed to call it a year and 8 months?) Fortunately, the ring-buyer is only out $15. But he still says I have to buy my own replacement. I'm still holding out for finding it in the bottom of my bag or caught in a pants cuff... in the meantime, I'll have to make do with this photo from the night he proposed. Vive l'Incredible Machine!

4) We've been busy flushing cockroaches down the toilet right and left as part of a massive pre-Rebecca housecleaning campaign. She's already coming to Texas in July, she doesn't need ANOTHER reason never to want to visit us again.

5) On a final note, it recently occurred to me that in any given month I spend 165 hours thinking about reproductive health issues, 20 hours learning how to punch people where it really hurts, and 15 hours singing about Jesus.


  1. 1) My dad managed to scoop all the news in this post before I read it.

    2) Your life is very balanced. That's going to be your new blog byline btw.

    3) I kind of worry that you only clean up the cockroaches for guests, but thanks!

  2. I can't help but imagine an evangelical type telling you you should really be spending 200 hours a week thinking about punching people where their reproductive health issues really hurt Jesus. Or something like that.

    --M . o O ( I guess that'd be a kind of violent evangelical type. )

  3. Ha! Some of us still listened to EFO in 2002... And still no one loved the Old Dominion song quite like Mr. Wein (what a good bass he was!)


  4. HA, I forgot about how he loved that! You probably have to, if you're from Virginia... that's the song my intern was listening to, and she's from VA too.

    And let's be honest, I was probably still listening to them in 2004...

  5. #5. Yes. I may be inspired to figure out my yearly breakdown of weird stuff that I do. Yes.

  6. Do it!!! Maybe I'll do a more complete breakdown for a future post. It'll be an internet meme sensation!