Sunday, August 30, 2009

Won't someone PLEASE think of the children??!!

Warning: This post contains birthday panhandling.

I have plenty to say about my lovely trip back east and loads of pictures from the whole summer, but it will all have to wait. It's already back to school time! And what a school we have to go back to. I got to check out our brand new building and was shocked to discover that I HAVE MY OWN CLASSROOM!

It's mine, all mine! This is really hard to process. No more sharing the staff lunchroom with 2 other teachers and, well, lunching staff? No more searching for a spot in the hallway/outside/be creative after getting preempted by testing or special events? No more walking in the rain every 50 minutes to escort my kids to/from their portables? But what will I do all day?

There's just one little problem with this. No, gentle blog followers, I don't mean the end of the era of public reading persecution which has entertained you so. I mean, I have a classroom! An empty classroom.

So far I've managed to score some hand-me-downs from the teachers (bookcase! fridge! dying succulent!) but it's going to take a little more to make it a functional space. And then a bit more to make it the It Classroom for the 2nd grade set. You know, motivational posters, mood lighting... a pencil sharpener. Here's where you come in. I rarely ask for anything material for my birthday and don't consider it a national holiday. BUT... if you're clamoring to send something my way, please make it a gift card to an evil corporate discounter like Target, Office Depot, or Amazon! Cold hard cash would not be frowned upon.

Alternately, you can always express your love for me by signing up yourself or some other lucky person for a jam share!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greetings, faithful readers! I wish I had much of anything exciting to report from the last couple of weeks - but alas, life has been pleasantly dull. However, so as not to compromise the integrity of the noble blog format (which was pretty much invented so that people could share boring information about their lives with the world), I will attempt to dig up a few highlights. Since last we spoke, I...

...convinced Rebecca to read a horrendous novel so that I would have someone to complain about it with.

...advanced to the next level of Conversational Spanish along with my pear-pickin' buddy.

...drove to Dallas and back in a single afternoon/evening for a work event and resolved once again never to plan a work event that takes place more than a mile and a half from my house (a resolution that usually fails for obvious reasons, but is the only thing that can make me feel better at 1am after 6 hours on I-35).

...finally saw "Up" (so good!!!) in 3D, from which activity we were thwarted during Rebecca's visit due to her inability to actually see 3D visuals; but don't worry, we made up for it by excessive pointing at her eyes and snickering.

...saw a friend in "As You Like It," which as usual means that I'll have about 3 good months of remembering which play that actually is before reverting to my usual state of not being able to tell any of Shakespeare's comedies apart.

...found out that A&J-E got engaged! About durn time.

...have gotten Wye Oak's "If Children Were Wishes" stuck in my head. A lot. (Thanks cg.) a community garden plot all to ourselves, so we can finally stop living like hobos off part of B&Q's plot!

Okay, that's all you'll get from me today.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last days of summer, bound for MA

I've been trying to keep up with fruit and my dad for the past week! Pictures eventually.

Now I'd better scramble to wrap up loose summer ends before I take my 4th and final vacation of the season. I can hardly believe I'm getting on another plane to Boston on Thursday. Can't wait to catch up with old friends and their new beaus, cheer Grandpa Labon on to his 100th, and then head west! I'm sooo disappointed not be able to stay for the Young People's, but it looks like I will get to sing with some of you next Tuesday at least! I'll be staying at chez mahoney Monday and Tuesday and have no particular plans during the day, anyone want to entertain me??

(hmm, I just had to edit this post because initially every. single. sentence. ended with an exclamation. I think I might be slightly pleased about my impending travel?)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Domestic scene

I was fixing breakfast this morning and R was reading a magazine in the other room when he suddenly exclaimed, "Oh no!!!"

I will pause here, gentle readers, to give you a moment in which to guess what personal, political, or natural disaster might have been the cause of such a dismayed outburst.

Give up?

Apparently, the brontosaurus may have actually been up to 50% smaller than we have always believed it to be.

Oh no, indeed.

Happy weekend, folks.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Because 3 blogs weren't enough...

If you haven't heard the news, my new jam project went public today!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Because you can never have enough Colombian earth mother rock stars in your life...

Not much to post this week. Recovering from vacations. Working intermittently. Cooing over JR. Too much pectin in the peach jam tonight. And so on. But I realized I have some photos heretofore unreleased to the public! I crammed all kinds of random happenings from this spring into one album. Go forth and view.

Oh! And! I don't think I ever mentioned the most exciting of those happenings! It was all rather surreal. So I'd already been dying to see Aterciopelados live for years, had snapped up tickets as soon as I heard they were coming to SF. Then, at the last minute Natalia managed to win tickets to the show - including a backstage visit! I was way nervous and sort of generally prefer not to talk to musicians I adore on account of not having anything useful to say. And Natalia, the actual winner and person who I usually play a good sidekick to in such situations was no help since she didn't even know their music! But we managed to acquit ourselves fairly well with our rusty Spanish while sharing a drink with Andrea Echeverri. And the show was fantastic. My life is now complete.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The thing we've been neglecting, 4 letters...

Don't worry, the owners of this blog can now return to their regularly scheduled posting. It's always pleasantly confusing whenever we're distracted by being in the same place! Last week I...
sang in a boy scout lodge
kept KT and R from working
mainlined crosswords
saw harry potter at the alamo (but not Up because it was only playing in 3D and my eyes are stupid, sorry guys!)
busted an AC
went on a from-scratch cooking frenzy with KT - in one afternoon we produced a pot of soup, 2 loaves of bread, batches of granola, hummus, and pesto
was somehow convinced to attend R's pilates class

All in all KT, R, and their Austin gang treated me pr-etty well, please enjoy ample photographic evidence:

The post-convention wine-down!

Quincy took us for a scenic surprise on the way back from the San Antonio convention - a farmstand modeled on Fischer Hall! We reminisced about the best wedding ever and picked up a watermelon / goat cheese / mexican coca-cola on the honor sytem.

Please enjoy Bill's photos here, Richard's photos here, and my photos here.