Thursday, August 06, 2009

Because you can never have enough Colombian earth mother rock stars in your life...

Not much to post this week. Recovering from vacations. Working intermittently. Cooing over JR. Too much pectin in the peach jam tonight. And so on. But I realized I have some photos heretofore unreleased to the public! I crammed all kinds of random happenings from this spring into one album. Go forth and view.

Oh! And! I don't think I ever mentioned the most exciting of those happenings! It was all rather surreal. So I'd already been dying to see Aterciopelados live for years, had snapped up tickets as soon as I heard they were coming to SF. Then, at the last minute Natalia managed to win tickets to the show - including a backstage visit! I was way nervous and sort of generally prefer not to talk to musicians I adore on account of not having anything useful to say. And Natalia, the actual winner and person who I usually play a good sidekick to in such situations was no help since she didn't even know their music! But we managed to acquit ourselves fairly well with our rusty Spanish while sharing a drink with Andrea Echeverri. And the show was fantastic. My life is now complete.

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  1. I've been waiting for these photos for so long! Like mother like daughter. Be sure to put a laminated copy in your wallet and show to people everywhere you go. Better yet, put it on a tshirt!