Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greetings, faithful readers! I wish I had much of anything exciting to report from the last couple of weeks - but alas, life has been pleasantly dull. However, so as not to compromise the integrity of the noble blog format (which was pretty much invented so that people could share boring information about their lives with the world), I will attempt to dig up a few highlights. Since last we spoke, I...

...convinced Rebecca to read a horrendous novel so that I would have someone to complain about it with.

...advanced to the next level of Conversational Spanish along with my pear-pickin' buddy.

...drove to Dallas and back in a single afternoon/evening for a work event and resolved once again never to plan a work event that takes place more than a mile and a half from my house (a resolution that usually fails for obvious reasons, but is the only thing that can make me feel better at 1am after 6 hours on I-35).

...finally saw "Up" (so good!!!) in 3D, from which activity we were thwarted during Rebecca's visit due to her inability to actually see 3D visuals; but don't worry, we made up for it by excessive pointing at her eyes and snickering.

...saw a friend in "As You Like It," which as usual means that I'll have about 3 good months of remembering which play that actually is before reverting to my usual state of not being able to tell any of Shakespeare's comedies apart.

...found out that A&J-E got engaged! About durn time.

...have gotten Wye Oak's "If Children Were Wishes" stuck in my head. A lot. (Thanks cg.) a community garden plot all to ourselves, so we can finally stop living like hobos off part of B&Q's plot!

Okay, that's all you'll get from me today.


  1. A). Yay again on Wye Oak. That is smile-making. I'm tellin' those nerds they've got a new fan.
    B). The whole "relaying big news about people via blogs and using their initials" is super fun. Or at least it is AFTER my brain stops farting and I realize who you are talking about. YAY!!!!!

  2. I've now seen half of Up thanks to B! I'm still working on the other half.

    I can't wait for more Spanish updates, Spanish buddy! (Or rather, amiguita!) Ha. Seriously, when is our GG to Mexico?