Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last days of summer, bound for MA

I've been trying to keep up with fruit and my dad for the past week! Pictures eventually.

Now I'd better scramble to wrap up loose summer ends before I take my 4th and final vacation of the season. I can hardly believe I'm getting on another plane to Boston on Thursday. Can't wait to catch up with old friends and their new beaus, cheer Grandpa Labon on to his 100th, and then head west! I'm sooo disappointed not be able to stay for the Young People's, but it looks like I will get to sing with some of you next Tuesday at least! I'll be staying at chez mahoney Monday and Tuesday and have no particular plans during the day, anyone want to entertain me??

(hmm, I just had to edit this post because initially every. single. sentence. ended with an exclamation. I think I might be slightly pleased about my impending travel?)

1 comment:

  1. Come to New Haven! Or... where will you be on Sunday? Maybe we can come to you... xoxo, Lo