Sunday, August 02, 2009

The thing we've been neglecting, 4 letters...

Don't worry, the owners of this blog can now return to their regularly scheduled posting. It's always pleasantly confusing whenever we're distracted by being in the same place! Last week I...
sang in a boy scout lodge
kept KT and R from working
mainlined crosswords
saw harry potter at the alamo (but not Up because it was only playing in 3D and my eyes are stupid, sorry guys!)
busted an AC
went on a from-scratch cooking frenzy with KT - in one afternoon we produced a pot of soup, 2 loaves of bread, batches of granola, hummus, and pesto
was somehow convinced to attend R's pilates class

All in all KT, R, and their Austin gang treated me pr-etty well, please enjoy ample photographic evidence:

The post-convention wine-down!

Quincy took us for a scenic surprise on the way back from the San Antonio convention - a farmstand modeled on Fischer Hall! We reminisced about the best wedding ever and picked up a watermelon / goat cheese / mexican coca-cola on the honor sytem.

Please enjoy Bill's photos here, Richard's photos here, and my photos here.

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