Sunday, August 30, 2009

Won't someone PLEASE think of the children??!!

Warning: This post contains birthday panhandling.

I have plenty to say about my lovely trip back east and loads of pictures from the whole summer, but it will all have to wait. It's already back to school time! And what a school we have to go back to. I got to check out our brand new building and was shocked to discover that I HAVE MY OWN CLASSROOM!

It's mine, all mine! This is really hard to process. No more sharing the staff lunchroom with 2 other teachers and, well, lunching staff? No more searching for a spot in the hallway/outside/be creative after getting preempted by testing or special events? No more walking in the rain every 50 minutes to escort my kids to/from their portables? But what will I do all day?

There's just one little problem with this. No, gentle blog followers, I don't mean the end of the era of public reading persecution which has entertained you so. I mean, I have a classroom! An empty classroom.

So far I've managed to score some hand-me-downs from the teachers (bookcase! fridge! dying succulent!) but it's going to take a little more to make it a functional space. And then a bit more to make it the It Classroom for the 2nd grade set. You know, motivational posters, mood lighting... a pencil sharpener. Here's where you come in. I rarely ask for anything material for my birthday and don't consider it a national holiday. BUT... if you're clamoring to send something my way, please make it a gift card to an evil corporate discounter like Target, Office Depot, or Amazon! Cold hard cash would not be frowned upon.

Alternately, you can always express your love for me by signing up yourself or some other lucky person for a jam share!

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