Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Goodbye September, hello life

Last night I hung up my bookselling hat. No regrets.

Today I finally found a source for deli sliced swiss (it only took FOUR stores...) to perfect my egg sandwich. (My entire grocery list: cheese, chips, chocolate. What does that say about me?)

I discovered a brand new thrift store has opened in my neighborhood, across the street from the supermarket-of-last-resort. Among other items, I found a handsewn messenger bag with vegetable print lining. And some practical flats. Score.

I can't seem to stop reading awful chick lit. AWFUL chick lit. I think I'm losing brain cells. (Cause v effect?)

JR is a grabby teething bouncing gurgling chunk of cuteness the likes of which I have never seen.

Human interest photo: Clean laundry puts forth some kind of siren call to the dogs, and we're certainly never lacking a fresh supply. Case in point. Late one night I emptied a load onto the couch. I emptied the next load onto the same spot a little later - when suddenly the laundry moved in the darkness! I turned on the light to discover the intruder - Omie, looking quite pleased to find herself in a laundry sandwich.

Many posts of substance henceforth.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A new and improved Rebecca coming soon

Have many things of substance to post but not the patience or time to filter anything through my overscheduled cranky haze. This month is a blur of work, class, work, homework, babysitting, work, dental visits, work... you get the picture. Just wait until October when my status reverts to underemployed. I'll be sure you spam you. Yes, I officially gave my notice at the bookstore! No more 11 hour workdays! Weekends will be recognizable again! My reading might someday catch up with my intake of books!

For now, please enjoy this photo of my favorite neighborhood sign. In its defense, this fine establishment IS next to a bait shop. Sadly, however, if the fish were ever jumping at Vida's it was long before my time.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pre-departure blogging, nothing beats it

Happy birthday yesterday, Rebecca!! In honor of the birth anniversary of everyone's favorite certified Natural Chef, here's an archived shot of the birthday girl pie-making in our kitchen last fall:

And now, we're off to Big Bend tomorrow with Bill & Quincy! After a disturbingly productive morning of trip preparation, I SWEAR I am only blogging instead of packing because I'm being held hostage at the office... home internet is spotty and R still needs to research and plan his vacation itinerary for the extra five days he's staying after the rest of us leave. So here we are at my place of employment, sneaking free chocolates from the candy dish and taking advantage of wireless internet that doesn't disappear for three minutes out of every five. I suppose I could have stayed home and done stuff but I needed to send one email and that was more than enough excuse to kick my suitcase into a corner and go running after Richard.)

We did some garden work this morning and I remembered that I've been meaning to tell you all because I'm so entranced by it that B&Q are growing LOOFAHS! That's right, those natural sponge thingies that you always see at bath stores, used by shining-skinned hippies from coast to coast! For some reason I always thought loofahs came from the sea (like my mother, who grew up thinking that cork comes from the sea... we pretty much work under the default assumption that if we don't know where something comes from, that obviously means it grows in the ocean. And is probably harvested by really smart dolphins. Or those divers who can hold their breath for 10 minutes. End of story). But no, they look basically like giant zucchini. Who knew??? The best part is that B&Q didn't even plant these suckers... they apparently grow like weeds, and the vine in their garden is just a volunteer that started sprouting on the side of the path! Wow. I am so endlessly entertained by this concept. I promise to keep you all updated as the loofah lifecycle progresses.

And, lest I forget, we spent some good times on Wednesday night with faithful blog reader Ellen (inventor and trademarker of the original Girls Getaways, of which Rebecca's & mine was presumably only a pale imitation), who was in town with her three college girlfriends for some good old-fashioned Texas fun. We met up with them at the Broken Spoke where I did not continue my tradition of sitting one table over from Gram Parsons' daughter, but did as usual have to two-step with strange men. Well, at least one strange man. Because I'm just too polite and well-socialized to explain when the strange men ask that I'm sorry, but I abhor dancing with gentlemen I'm not friends with. Apart from that, however, good times were had by all, and I highly encourage all of our readers to make Austin the destination of their next Girls Getaway.

I should probably go buy foodstuffs for our trip while R is still immersed in researching one of his famous incredibly complex itineraries (we've been here for almost 3 hours, and apparently he needs another hour and a half... maybe I should have stayed home and done laundry after all...), but before I leave, I'd like to take this opportunity to submit a nomination for best voicemail of 2009. R called our friend Leah yesterday and left the following message: "Hey Leah... it's Rich... I have a proposition for you... involving food... and abortion... call me back." I kid you not. Amazing.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The children, they live to entertain

Kicking off the weekend with a cranky Rebecca who just rolled in from her second job and wants nothing in this world more than to sleep forEVER on this, the day of her birth, but instead has to get up at an unreasonable hour to catch the bus to Berkeley and sit in a classroom from 9-5:30. I promise that she wants to continue her rant about being overscheduled/overworked/overtired but I've convinced her to share this gem with you instead.

Overheard at the oakland library
middle schooler 1: Oh, check it out, a new movie! Beverly Hills Chihuahua!
middle schooler 2: That's hecka old! It came out, like, last year!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tomatoes: past, present, and future

The first time I used a food mill was August 23, 2007. I have fond memories of a late night at the Bauman kitchen the night before our culinary showcase after volunteering to process a few gallons of Deborah Madison's summer tomato soup. I mention this momentous occasion because last night I made another (much smaller) batch from our garden tomatoes! The recipe calls for naught but shallots, butter, tomatoes, and salt, stewed for 3-4 hours. Yum.

Next year? I've just treated myself to this fancy mega food strainer. Watch out tomatoes.

I realized that I never had uploaded photos from the culinary showcase. Heh, better late than never! Here's everyone on the big night! More fancy food action here...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The family that cooks together...

An historical record of the culinary endeavors of Rebecca, Steve, Inder, and JR. September 3-4, 2009.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Welcome Yule. I mean Labor Day.

Ah, sweet sweet Friday. The weekend's agenda includes, in no particular order (wait, why are my HTML bullet points showing up as flowers??????? Oddly adorable but so confusing... also, $10 says Matt somehow knows the answer):

  • housewarming Alexa's new rental place with dominoes, dinner, and mixed-book singing (including the much-anticipated Austin debut of Neely's Bill of Rights arrangement... because we all know there's no better way to make a house into a home than by singing the First, Second, Third and Ninth Amendments in four-part harmony) (with apologies to the Fourth through Eighth and Tenth Amendments... if only you were easier to sight-read I would have photocopied you, too)
  • visiting my new go-to Korean market, which I was forced to defect to when our corner Koren market sold out and went all sushi-boutique on us
  • having Sunday brunch with a pregnant friend at a restaurant and a time of her choosing (I've got a crusty bachelor's terror of pregnancy needs and aversions and so was too scared to suggest a time or place)
  • maybe doing a little home organizing, primarily so I can take Before and After pictures, which I think we can all agree is really the only reason to ever organize anything at all

In addition to being low on interesting stories for you all, I'm also low on visual aids... so I guess in honor of Labor Day, here's Professional Katie (don't worry, as you can tell she's practically indistinguishable from Casual Katie) at a recent community forum in Dallas. Hopefully this will tide you over until R&I go to West Texas with Bill & Quincy next week and come back with lots of pictures of... well, something. Whatever the heck is in West Texas.

Oh! And the nephs have a new sister!

Alright, friends and readers, it's time for me to get a head start on my Friday. See you all next week!