Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pre-departure blogging, nothing beats it

Happy birthday yesterday, Rebecca!! In honor of the birth anniversary of everyone's favorite certified Natural Chef, here's an archived shot of the birthday girl pie-making in our kitchen last fall:

And now, we're off to Big Bend tomorrow with Bill & Quincy! After a disturbingly productive morning of trip preparation, I SWEAR I am only blogging instead of packing because I'm being held hostage at the office... home internet is spotty and R still needs to research and plan his vacation itinerary for the extra five days he's staying after the rest of us leave. So here we are at my place of employment, sneaking free chocolates from the candy dish and taking advantage of wireless internet that doesn't disappear for three minutes out of every five. I suppose I could have stayed home and done stuff but I needed to send one email and that was more than enough excuse to kick my suitcase into a corner and go running after Richard.)

We did some garden work this morning and I remembered that I've been meaning to tell you all because I'm so entranced by it that B&Q are growing LOOFAHS! That's right, those natural sponge thingies that you always see at bath stores, used by shining-skinned hippies from coast to coast! For some reason I always thought loofahs came from the sea (like my mother, who grew up thinking that cork comes from the sea... we pretty much work under the default assumption that if we don't know where something comes from, that obviously means it grows in the ocean. And is probably harvested by really smart dolphins. Or those divers who can hold their breath for 10 minutes. End of story). But no, they look basically like giant zucchini. Who knew??? The best part is that B&Q didn't even plant these suckers... they apparently grow like weeds, and the vine in their garden is just a volunteer that started sprouting on the side of the path! Wow. I am so endlessly entertained by this concept. I promise to keep you all updated as the loofah lifecycle progresses.

And, lest I forget, we spent some good times on Wednesday night with faithful blog reader Ellen (inventor and trademarker of the original Girls Getaways, of which Rebecca's & mine was presumably only a pale imitation), who was in town with her three college girlfriends for some good old-fashioned Texas fun. We met up with them at the Broken Spoke where I did not continue my tradition of sitting one table over from Gram Parsons' daughter, but did as usual have to two-step with strange men. Well, at least one strange man. Because I'm just too polite and well-socialized to explain when the strange men ask that I'm sorry, but I abhor dancing with gentlemen I'm not friends with. Apart from that, however, good times were had by all, and I highly encourage all of our readers to make Austin the destination of their next Girls Getaway.

I should probably go buy foodstuffs for our trip while R is still immersed in researching one of his famous incredibly complex itineraries (we've been here for almost 3 hours, and apparently he needs another hour and a half... maybe I should have stayed home and done laundry after all...), but before I leave, I'd like to take this opportunity to submit a nomination for best voicemail of 2009. R called our friend Leah yesterday and left the following message: "Hey Leah... it's Rich... I have a proposition for you... involving food... and abortion... call me back." I kid you not. Amazing.


  1. Happy Birthday Rebecca!!!!

    K, I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow when I read, "[b]ecause I'm just too polite and well-socialized to explain when the strange men ask that I'm sorry, but I abhor dancing with gentlemen I'm not friends with." I do believe I've witnessed many a disappointed man turned away by a KT who was not too polite to turn down even the most persistent strange men. But to be fair, that was pre-Texas. :) <3B

  2. Yes, I endorse KT's invitation to come to Austin! My friends and I had a ball there - despite the "cool" temps in the 90's. I LOVED dancing with strange men at Broken Spoke - 4 or 5 different ones, I believe - plus Rich, who some might call strange but I know better. Another Austin highlight was meeting Bill and Quincy's friend Dave and seeing his toilet bowl garden. Haha! Loofahs grow on vines in the garden???? That is the most obscure and surprising fact I have learned all year. Thanks for broadening my mind.

  3. And speaking of procrastinating (otherwise known as blogging), I saw a wonderful t-shirt at the Austin airport: "Top 10 Reasons I Procrastinate: 1. "

  4. Loofahs grow above ground? In Texas? I require proof.

    Linda Margaret

  5. Proof ye shall have! I'll totally have to take a picture one of these days. Maybe if you're a really lucky girl you can ask Santa for a piece of Texas loofah...