Friday, September 04, 2009

Welcome Yule. I mean Labor Day.

Ah, sweet sweet Friday. The weekend's agenda includes, in no particular order (wait, why are my HTML bullet points showing up as flowers??????? Oddly adorable but so confusing... also, $10 says Matt somehow knows the answer):

  • housewarming Alexa's new rental place with dominoes, dinner, and mixed-book singing (including the much-anticipated Austin debut of Neely's Bill of Rights arrangement... because we all know there's no better way to make a house into a home than by singing the First, Second, Third and Ninth Amendments in four-part harmony) (with apologies to the Fourth through Eighth and Tenth Amendments... if only you were easier to sight-read I would have photocopied you, too)
  • visiting my new go-to Korean market, which I was forced to defect to when our corner Koren market sold out and went all sushi-boutique on us
  • having Sunday brunch with a pregnant friend at a restaurant and a time of her choosing (I've got a crusty bachelor's terror of pregnancy needs and aversions and so was too scared to suggest a time or place)
  • maybe doing a little home organizing, primarily so I can take Before and After pictures, which I think we can all agree is really the only reason to ever organize anything at all

In addition to being low on interesting stories for you all, I'm also low on visual aids... so I guess in honor of Labor Day, here's Professional Katie (don't worry, as you can tell she's practically indistinguishable from Casual Katie) at a recent community forum in Dallas. Hopefully this will tide you over until R&I go to West Texas with Bill & Quincy next week and come back with lots of pictures of... well, something. Whatever the heck is in West Texas.

Oh! And the nephs have a new sister!

Alright, friends and readers, it's time for me to get a head start on my Friday. See you all next week!


  1. Stuart Edwards9/04/2009 5:05 PM

    C'mon now, even a flatlander knows that West Texas is really El Paso Metro! Post when you discover who they named the Franklin Mtns. after.

  2. Tiny neph-ina! More cuteness in the family!

    We were just watching that crazy survival guy on Man v Wild jumping across ravines in the Chihuahua in W Texas. Presumably your destination is something other than EP or harsh desert terrain?