Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catching up

Today was the last meeting of my evil weekend class. The last of this fall's overcommitments is toast. Now I can turn my attention to fun things like the convention in portland next weekend or reuniting with my chef people. And looking back! First up: Photos from the end of the summer in Boston, where I always have loads of friends and family to fight over me.

The theme of this visit was quality time with old friends, their pets, and their new boys. Also dessert. I can still taste the JP Licks mint ice cream I couldn't resist on top of the Finale dessert sampler and homemade birthday cake. My jaunt over to western mass featured picking beans and pulling weeds with Laura and Linda, hanging out with Rosie, Marian, and the Brattleboro police force, taking in Ye Olde Tuesday Night Sing (cue sigh of homesickness), and Yatzee with the Mahoneys before Dan's departure for mathland. Plus all kinds of other fun surprises like Greg B and 2, count em, 2 engagements! More to come on the family side of things.


  1. Terrific photos! I love the Copley market ones, and also the dessert plates before and after.

  2. Have a great time in Portland! One of these years we're going to get back there.