Wednesday, October 14, 2009


1. I was told by a student today that my room is "very romantical" because... I have a view of all the busses on 11th St. Yeah.
2. Another student (who I don't work with and have never talked to about jam) calls out "jellymaker!" and asks when I'm going to bring him jam whenever he sees me. I assume his teacher must have blabbed. She says he's an attention seeker and I should ignore his antics, but it's kind of the cutest nickname ever.
3. Speaking of greetings. My newcomers from last year have fantastic English now. One of them, every time we pass in the hall (which is multiple times a day) gives me a "high five, down low, too slow." I need to teach her some variations on this.
4. Two of my most quirky and outgoing kids from last year are in the same class now and I always see them sitting together at lunch, goofing off and sharing their food. That really IS romantical.

Also, unrelatedly, Westfield in San Francisco is officially the creepiest mall ever. (And I've been to the Mall of America.) Most upscale and claustrophic shopping experience EVER. It's like one of those endless casinos with no windows and nothing but shiny things to take your money. The Nordstrom is in its own private castle. The mall directory is touch screen and gives directions. I bought the one thing on my list and was not tempted to pick up a single other item. (Dear fashion. Please stop sucking. Enough with the 80s and the leggings and the skinny jeans and the low cut shoes already.)

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  1. You can do Dan's old standby... "Down low, up high, recite pi"