Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Extra satisfaction

(Remember freshman year when we went through that phase of playing that movie making game and thought the most hi-larious formula for naming sequels was to add "Extra?" As is, Extra Top Gun. Or better yet, Die Extra Hard. Anyway.)

Look, shiny bike! See how shiny and blue!

I biked to work for the first time today and it was the most lovely commute - light traffic, mostly flat, crisp autumn air. Best of all, no public transit involved. I haven't been doing this all year WHY?

In other satisfying news, JR is going through a phase in which he prefers to see the world upside down. Also, he adores the camera as much as the camera adores him.

He also eats like a big boy! (OK, mostly he thinks the spoon is the coolest new chew toy.)

Lastly, I admit that I find my reader's persecution complex oddly satisfying. And it's not just my coworkers that are out to get me... even layovers are no longer sacred! I was several tissues deep in my book at the PDX airport when a fellow traveler interrupted to ask a question about our flight. I didn't mind answering, but I thought it was a bizarre choice when there were hordes of people around. Then I looked more closely and realized that the dozen or so other people in a 10 foot radius were ALL OCCUPIED WITH THEIR MOBILE DEVICES. Not even talking, but poking at buttons. Really? Texting trumps text? What IS the world etc.

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