Friday, October 09, 2009

I'll walk your lands / and swim your sea / marry me

I was going to make this a bad news/good news post. The bad news was going to be that for the past two days I haven't packed myself a lunch and have been so busy at the office that I've been forced to scrounge for food like a little squirrel, subsisting mainly off a steady diet of Sun Chips pilfered from our volunteer-bribing food stash and tiny Hershey's chocolates. But upon further reflection, I'm not sure I have the intellectual fortitude to claim with a straight face that eating chips and chocolate all day is a Bad Thing. I mean, I can say it, but my heart just won't be in it. So let's make this a good news/better news post.

The good news is that I've spent the past two days eating chips and chocolate.

The BETTER news is that Lauren FINALLY told me so I can stop pretending that Rebecca didn't accidentally spill the beans a month ago... friends of the blog Lauren & Ruth are getting married!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!

Not only is this lovely in and of itself, but since none of our friends EVER get married (seriously. I have been to the wedding of exactly one high school friend in 2004 and one of Richard's friends in 2008. The rest were relatives, acquaintances, co-workers, and/or Briana's dad) it's extra-exciting and novel. Double hooray!

Okay, I'm pretty much all out of news and feel slightly ill. All of you, go eat a nutritionally balanced meal on my behalf. Happy Friday!


  1. Yay, we can finally squee together!!! For the record, I very conscientiously did not spill the beans, only that as you pointed out NONE of our friends ever get married so that my reference to an engagement did amount to a careless slip. Really, it's the fault of all our other friends who AREN'T getting married.

    Also, I'm totally in one of my phases of eating nothing but chips and ice cream. So someone else needs to eat 2 well balanced meals, please.