Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More books. Because you know how we love books.

As some of you may recall, due to my all-consuming envy of Rebecca's fancy 2008 book collage widget I resolved then and there to keep up with entering my own book list in Goodreads so that I too could have a fancy widget of my own come December. But instead of doing the logical thing, which would have been to start entering my 2009 books (y'know, it being 2009 and all), or even entering them AS I READ THEM, like a normal literary social networker, I decided to go back and enter all my 2008 books instead. Which seemed like an excellent idea back in January (catch up on 2008, then start on 2009! I'm so smart and methodical!) - but in October, less than halfway through my 93-item book list? Not so excellent. So now I'm trying to cram the rest of them in, which has the awkward but probably well-deserved side effects of:

1) putting all the lame books that I had been ignoring in order to impress people with my other reading choices up at the top of my page, and

2) having every single entry get 2-3 stars and a brief generic comment because I read most of them way too long ago to remember what I thought of them.

Awesome. I think I'm making a mockery of Goodreads. Maybe I should stick to keeping my Art Garfunkel-like book lists on paper only.


  1. Goodreeeeeeads! I love it when you spam goodreads! (And you even used my fancy label so I don't have to break out my editorial powers on this post!) Maybe you will inspire me to catch up on my own updates, I've been slacking lately.

    *runs over to comment excessively on your reviews*

  2. I'm fascinated and creeped out by Art Garfunkle's lists. I had no idea.