Monday, October 26, 2009


Just rolled in from a particularly fabulous Monday night singing and have nothing on the agenda except curling up with a good book.

We've been covered in flour and butter all weekend - Inder made two quiches, I made an apple pie for dinner with mom and a Morrison cousin, and a lemon tart for the singing tonight. I had great success with the Cook's Illustrated crazy vodka dough recipe. (Though it did result in one of the sketchiest CVS purchases of my life - generic brand sudafed and the smallest, cheapest bottle of generic vodka. Yeah. I topped that off by going next door to the grocery store to pick up: eggs, cream, butter, and beer. I still don't think it tops my recent accidentally alliterative grocery list, consisting entirely of: chips, chocolate, and cheese.)

Actual conversation I had during lunch duty yesterday:
Ms. Rebecca: Hands to yourself please. (Starts rambling to counteract the shmucky feeling she gets after repeating phrases like this all day.) Let's have peace in the lunchroom. Peace and harmony.
1st grader: Like Martin Luther King!


  1. Such a fabulous update. Love the sketchy substances purchase, and truly great lunchtime convo. MLK Jr. would be proud.


  2. ooh can we make pie??? please? soon? pear?!?