Friday, October 30, 2009

Today's featured number is 2

That's right, 2. As in...

...the number of times I will be flying to Washington, DC and back between November 4 and November 10 (not counting my trip to DC at the beginning of December. Work, I hate you).

...the number of movie adaptations of Cormac McCarthy novels I have now seen and never want to see again as long as I live so help me God (poor Graham made the mistake of asking me about "The Road" the next day and was subjected to a traumatized email containing at least 50% capital letters, so I won't even try to attempt another review here; besides, maybe you're the kind of person who LIKES hugging yourself and sobbing convulsively for 119 minutes, in which case I highly recommend it).

...the number of weddings I have thus far been invited to next summer (don't worry L&R, you're still my number one).

...the number of hours to spare with which I finished writing a grant application for our dojo (the Katie college equivalent of finishing it at least a week and a half in advance).

...the number of Rufus Wainwright songs I have been listening to for most of the past three days (Cita I blame you).

...the year of matrimony I will be entering on Sunday (I was about to defend my choice of words by pointing out that there ain't no "we" in "matrimony," except then I decided that "wedding" would sound better than "matrimony." And then I realized that there is, in fact, a "we" in "wedding").

Okay, friends and well-wishers, as our landlord finally decided the time had come to password-protect his wireless, I'm back off to the realm of no internet for the weekend. Happy Halloween!

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