Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And keep me in mind of the ones who are kind

How did we get to Thanksgiving Eve already??? Tomorrow we're having our annual Thanksgiving at Alexa's, for which so many contributions have already been planned that I am utterly at a loss as to what I could possibly bring that people would actually eat. Got any ideas for dishes that aren't turkey, gravy, stuffing, relish, rice, a green salad, roasted root vegetables, a spinach tart, a beet gratin, two other veggie dishes, a pumpkin pie, an apple crisp, beer, or wine? No? Me either. Maybe I'll invent some Thanksgiving party games.

While I am thankful for all sorts of things, I'm not the type to get into them in public. I will, however, freely admit that I am thankful to get to live with a guy who in the midst of a conversation the other day noticed a jar of dried cranberries sitting on the counter, stopped literally in the middle of his sentence, said "Mmm, delicious!", opened the jar, popped some into his mouth, and cheerfully walked away. Without finishing his sentence. Or having the slightest recollection of what we were talking about. It was pure amazingness.

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend wherever you all may be! I'm feeling particularly sentimental so I'll sign this one off old-school style...




  1. Had totally meant to send you Thanksgiving wishes at some point during the day and yet totally failed to do so. Not sure if this counts or not but at least I can say sometime later--see, I made an Effort. Hope y'all had a great day.


  2. Wow, we really have left some blog dead air lately. Time for some extra special holiday edition blogging.

    I am also thankful for cranberries and the people who love them.

    Can't wait for Christmas in Texas!


  3. Happy day after Thanksgiving!