Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And the festivities continueth...

Just when you thought he couldn't outdo last year's Christmas outfit, R busts out the bright green bow tie.

Door-to-door caroling 2009 was a decided success... this year, rather than our usual hit-or-miss strategy of wandering around until we found a house with lots of Christmas lights and singing on the sidewalk until they either opened the door delightedly or until it became painfully apparent that they were determined to ignore us, Bill sent out an email to the neighborhood listserv where we'd be going asking if anyone was interested in lining us up for a stop at their house. Then he used the responses to plot a course through the neighborhood via one of his trademarked complex itineraries, which we even managed to mostly stick to. Oh man, only going to ringers' houses is SO the way to carol. Not least because they all feel obligated to offer you hot drinks and other assorted tasties (including, but not limited to, mulled cider, cocoa, hot buttered rum, glogg, hot toddies, tom and jerries, tamales, and cookies). At our first stop, a 4-year-old girl helped pour the cocoa for us, and then asked how we got to her house. Bill, our de facto spokesperson, replied that we were traveling via pickup truck (which was, in fact, how we got to several of our far-flung stops... he'd even picked up two bales of hay for us to sit on for an especially dirty and authentic experience). She asked who was driving the truck. He told her that he was. She considered him for a moment, nodded to herself and replied, "I thought you'd be in charge." It was most excellent. We concluded at a friend of B&Q's who'd requested only our most dreary and depressing carols, and wasn't put off by the warning that none of them are very good because we mostly sing the happy ones - I guess if you're going to be grinchy about it, out-of-tune singers really are more satisfying than good ones. He posted one of the songs we sang for him on YouTube, which I won't link to because I'm shy and I don't know him that well, but if you desperately want to hear us (Mom) you can go to YouTube and search for "Lulle Lullay."

Okay, my vacation pretty much starts tomorrow, and since we're internetless these days I'm not sure when I'll be showing up here again. But I hope you all have a lovely week, and I'm sure I'll surface at least once while the Jam Queen is in town!


  1. Thank you, Katie. (mom)

  2. I wish I had been there! great stories.

  3. "I thought you'd be in charge."--that's just perfect!

  4. ummm, cutest picture ever. xo