Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home sweet home

Me and my lovely New York hostess Nhu with like half an inch of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree behind us. Taking the picture myself seemed like such a good idea at the time.

How was this night trip to Washington DC different from all other nights trips to Washington DC (otherwise known as the two times I went in November)? Because this time I had them fly my to New York first, whence I indulged in some good old-fashioned socializing before continuing on to my conference in DC last Sunday. Two planes, three trains, three beds, countless subways, and excessive tasty East Coast food later, I'm back in Texas and still too busy to blog. But here's a quick rundown of trip highlights:

1) Visiting the Chrysler Building lobby for the first time, not because it's actually extraordinarily impressive (though the elevator doors are pretty awesome) but because it's in Cremaster 3 and I'm still a little too obsessed with the Matthew Barney exhibit I saw seven years ago.

2) Eating the following things that don't exist in Austin: lox cream cheese, latkes, deli pickles, and Chinese hot pot.

3) Wes Singers alto reunion circa 2002!!!! Rebecca, you were sorely missed. I'll post a photo once somebody sends me one, because all of mine are awful.

4) The super enjoyable Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA. Oh MoMA. What a shining beacon of light you were after the New York Historical Society Museum. What can I say? I was in the neighborhood waiting to meet up with a friend for lunch! It was $12 worth of bad, my friends. SO BAD. And SO BORING. (I was going to call it the worst museum I ever went to but then I remembered that terrible Museum of War they made us go to in Normandie when I was studying abroad that I literally had to WALK OUT OF in the middle of our guided tour and wait for everybody else in the parking lot because it was so bad. Okay fine, this one was just ALMOST the worst museum I ever went to. Pah.)

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