Thursday, December 17, 2009

like holy oil to cheer my head

Reporting from the patented last-week-before-holiday craziness. Actually it's rather nice to be on a school schedule again... I feel in step with everyone on facebook counting down the days of finals instead of ramping up for holiday retail madness. School itself is mostly preempted by assemblies and parties, which sounds nice but is sort of endless hurry-up and waiting on my part. When I actually get to teach I've been introducing many a child to the art of snowflake making.

By the way, have I MENTIONED the insanity of parties at our school? I'm all for excessive feasting and a general mangia! mangia! approach to fellowship, but even I have a limit. Pretty much every classroom has a party over the course of this week and again the last week of school (I counted 9 just today) and if you don't visit all of them you will hurt their feelings. And if you don't visit them fast enough you will get accosted by other staff members with heavy laden plates who insist you try their second hand delicacies. So cornered, I make my rounds and skirt the ubiquitous fried chicken, egg rolls, pepperoni pizza, and 4-10 identical trays of fried rice and fried noodles with identically microscropic pieces of meat that I always get taken in by despite having been fooled more than twice. I eat my weight in fruit and dessert and scrape by on the odd wilted piece of salad green. Then there are redeeming blissful moments when I score veggie sushi, veggie egg rolls, and homemade glutinous rice desserts.

After-school life? Besides coming down with a really very tiny wimpy cold it's been a fun week.

Monday: Sang in an erring-on-the-side-of-too-live room for a change and it was a beautiful, beautiful thing. I think we're going to have the Golden Gate there, yay!

Tuesday: Latkes, aka an excuse for more applesauce! My friend Talaria put up with our elaborate Cook's Illustrated latke recipe fussing, the loudest but most adorable baby around (he also likes the 'sauce) and some particularly naughty dogs. Everyone had presents to open. Living with gentiles who are somehow MORE excited about Hanukkah than I? Pretty great. I was swept up in the festive cheer and managed to stay up and write all my Hanukkah cards!

The last couple days have featured continued in-the-spirit-of-hanukkah frying, selling jam, making soup, enabling embroidering of stockings, and more packages arriving!

Cookware at the zoo is canceled. Trying to be sad about the lost income but mostly pleased to have the weekend back. 8 days until Christmas in Texas!

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