Friday, December 18, 2009

O the busyness!

Happy last night of Chanukah! Rebecca sent us a fabulous anniversary/holiday package of preserved treats that unfortunately did not include applesauce, so this year, rather than stoop to buying my own or even making my own (that's right, there's only one person in this family who cooks fruit in a big pot and that's Rebecca), I ate my latkes with pearsauce. So wrong. But still so tasty. Almost as wrong as (and far less tasty than) the fact that this is maybe the fourth year in a row that I've put off buying Chanukah candles for so long that by the time the first night comes it's too late and I have to wait till the second night. All the Maccabees are, if not rolling in their graves, at least collectively palming their foreheads. But there are only a couple of places in town that sell candles and the closest one to our house is only 10 minutes away but in the opposite direction from everywhere else I might ever conceivably go when I leave the house, and it's also on this road that is ONLY ACCESSIBLE BY TAKING THE HIGHWAY which is a TOTAL dealbreaker.

So this year I decided to MacGyver me a first night of Chanukah by cobbling together some Shabbat candles and arranging them around the menorah so that if you glanced at it really fast and maybe had never seen a menorah before and weren't sure how it should be used, it looked okay. I did manage to break one of my glass candlesticks in the process because the flame burned to close to it and a piece broke off (please let it be noted that I am apparently extraordinarily incompetent at putting candles in glass candlesticks, this being the second pair of glass candlesticks I have bought from Goodwill, broken one of them, and been forced to return the lonely survivor back to Goodwill), but I decided to consider it as a tribute to my ancestors, who wandered the desert for 40 years, uphill both ways... probably wearing shoes made of broken glass. Or so the Torah tells me. Or would tell me if I had ever studied it.

Here's a final relic from my New York vacation (altos + ice cream!). It's been a wacky week full of work events, hosting a colleague from New York, and getting my advanced green belt in karate... but all that will pale in comparison to the ABSURD amount of caroling that will be taking place this coming week. We're doing our annual sidewalk caroling Saturday and Wednesday, and B&Q's annual caroling party is Monday. Then comes Christmas in Texas, which means a full week of Rebecca in town! I'm pleasantly exhausted just thinking about it all. Clearly this calls for more ice cream.


  1. I didn't send any applesauce???????? Clearly I fail at life, because I have a zillion jars and I had every intention of sending you at least one if not two? Oh well, now that makes two of you (stu) who've branched out to pearsauce. (One of the bosses said she's going to use my pear BUTTER on her latkes, which sounds weird to me, but she's also making hers all fusiony with curry or jalapeno or something, so maybe it will be a taste sensation after all.)

  2. Hey, That's just what I did, ate my latkes with Rebecca's pear sauce. So good, and, the house is still standing.