Wednesday, December 09, 2009

why do you keep all your stars in


I still heart my blog, I promise. Am too lazy to write many words all together these days. I guess there's always twitter... *blows up computer first*

1) Record low temps the last couple days, with a frost advisory and everything. Now, I know an oakland cold snap is not exactly comparable to a chicago cold snap, but at least you people have sensible insulation and heating! I could SEE MY BREATH INSIDE THE HOUSE THIS MORNING. INSIDE. THE HOUSE.

2) I've been spending more time with one student who cracks me up. She's, I don't know, not a normal child but straight out of quirky children's stories about precocious girls with vivid imaginations. She passionately reenacts her favorite activities - eating and sleeping. She taught me how to draw a cowboy hat. But she reeeally needs to turn off the teevee. She's convinced that a) I look like Pam from the office and b) vampires are real - "I saw it on Tyra!"

3) I have a goofy holiday job selling cookware at the zoo. I'll just be working two weekends, but it means I can pretend to afford Christmas in Texas! The best news I've heard all week? At the training the organizer said they couldn't afford to pipe in christmas music. *cue heavenly choir*

4) A car in front of me today sported two bumper stickers: "Wouldn't you rather be behind a good book?" and "My other car is a Pynchon novel." OK, I'm all for nerdy book love, but really? REALLY??

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