Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010: In like a lion

Ideas for how to fill up every weekend in January (and YES Friday nights count as the weekend) so that most of your quality pajama time is effectively destroyed and you will never get it back, no matter how desperately you crave the feeling of not having showered or left the house or done anything but read novels for 3+ days (not that I've ever done that, ahem):

1) In addition to your regular karate classes, start helping out with the new 4-6 year olds' class (okay, it's worth its weight in cute, I admit it)
2) Go to an all-afternoon Board meeting
3) Go to an all-day Board retreat
4) Volunteer at a gay cocktail party
5) Go two-stepping for your Sensei's birthday
6) Watch "An Education" (meh, though the lead actress is so outstanding as to make it arguably worth your while) and get drinks with a friend
7) Get dragged to R's company holiday party
8) Get examined and fitted for contact lenses
9) Host not one but two clothing swaps
10) Spend at least 20 hours cleaning your house in preparation for said swaps
11) Take a crew and drive out to Coupland for a patented dancehall-and-BBQ adventure
12) Attend a 4-hour advocacy training
13) Attend a 1-hour karate instructor training
14) Grudgingly agree to table at a terrifying children's summer camp fair
15) Go see a touring Broadway production of "The Color Purple"

Sprinkle the rest of the month liberally with more trainings, more planning meetings, more karate, and a little singing, and voila! I present to you... a flimsy excuse for why I'm a terrible blogger. Really, if nothing else, this post should prove that my life is so mundane as to be virtually unbloggable. Not that that's ever stopped me.

On the domestic front, R gets a severe penalty for making me sit through "Julie and Julia." However, I will award him a discretionary bonus point because Meryl Streep is phenomenal. And he gets one more point for giving me this article to read yesterday which, while nearly as problematic as its subject, I enjoyed hugely. If you find Alice Waters and her nauseatingly privileged foodie philosophy as irritating as I do, click and enjoy. If not, maybe better skip it.

Okay, I'm off to a work-related happy hour (am I allowed to complain even though it's not the weekend?). Hope 2010 is treating you nicely so far!


  1. Um, if this constitutes a mundane life I'm afraid to try and categorize mine!

  2. PS - I finally got around to checking my google reader and Samuel Fromertz has a nice critique of that suddenly infamous Atlantic article.
    "But finding Alice Waters' precious local foodie proclivities distasteful is one thing. (Even I found the bit where she poached an egg over an open hearth on 60-Minutes a bit much). Pinning the ills of the state's educational system on school gardens is something else again."


  3. It's true, her arguments are just appalling. (Really? You think kids aren't learning enough EMERSON and that's why they're dropping out of school???? Awesome.)

    But such a secretly satisfying read!!

  4. Katie (because obviously no one else will ever click back to see these comments...) check out this background on the (apparently anti-feminist) author of the atlantic article.
    "Flanagan, as anyone who cares now knows, has made a career out of tweaking women for leaving home and hearth to work..."