Sunday, January 24, 2010

That's so 2009, christmas edition

Like the good procrastinating blogger that I am, I have loads of 2009 left to tell you about. Let's take it in reverse (or more likely in no particular order) and revisit Christmas.

Pictures are thisaway.

On top of all the bay area celebrations I managed to fly to Austin in time for Christmas dessert and caroling at B and Q's and get a garden-loofah party favor! In case you were wondering, we did accomplish all of my ambitious goals for the visit. (We ate pancakes and bread and noodles. I stayed up way too late reading Fingersmith. But still managed to sleep into the double digits most nights. Katie and I are still slightly obsessed with Sherlock Holmes.) And more! We also... walked a lot. (I suddenly wished I was as rich cool as David Byrne so I could travel with my bike! Austin is sooooo bikeable, at least when it's not 239874 degrees.) I watched Napolean Dynamite for the first time - and will forever associate it with too much red in the color mix.

Other highlights of the holiday season included fixing most of my electronics and getting a surprising bounty of presents all around! I can't get over how thoughtful friends and family were this year. I will be thinking of you in turn when I hang my favorite pictures and light candles and raise my glass and eat lunch and count the days and see the world clearly!

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  1. Loved the photos!! Joe is such a cutie. Those big blue! he will have all the girls waiting in line someday.