Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A glimpse of New Year's

We'd been planning to spend a quiet New Year's Eve with Rebecca (by which I mean we thought we should probably do something but had no idea what that would be and, just as the Second Law of Thermodynamics predicts, without a definite plan the three of us invariably tend toward sitting on the couch in our pajamas and doing crossword puzzles), and at the last minute ended up getting together with the friends we spent last New Year's with, who also tend toward entropy (EDITOR'S NOTE: Richard pointed out that this doesn't make any sense. We just figured out that I thought "entropy" meant the same thing as "atrophy." It doesn't), making us the perfect holiday foils. After pizza and a stunning demonstration of the Abilene Paradox in action, we retired to the homestead for board games, champagne and ice cream. Then, adding the insult of having to watch a delayed taping of the ball dropping (Times Square just isn't as exciting when you're not watching it from the same time zone) to the injury of Fox's midnight programming (yep, still the only tv station we get) we rang in 2010 and promptly went to sleep.

A few pictures. I may need to get me an animal-themed hat to welcome 2011.

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  1. need charades. and me. and jonathan. me + jonathan + charades.

    -big N