Monday, January 25, 2010


I've somewhat impulsively signed up for this class at the fabulous Cycles of Change, despite knowing nothing about bikes and having no facility whatsoever for learning manual skills. I literally sent them an email with a disclaimer that I really need Remedial Bikes for Dummies class, and they promised I wouldn't embarrass myself. I still don't quite believe them though. (As many of you know I'm still haunted by Sensei's voice echoing in my head. Regarding my repeated origami-fail: "You smart girl, you should be able to do this!")

So, who wants to sign up to be my bike repair buddy??? We can true and overhaul in solidarity.

Bike Maintenance and Repair Class Series—Learn how to fix your own bike!
Wednesdays, February 24, March 3, March 10 and March 17. 6:30pm-8:30pm
$80-$150 sliding scale for all four classes.
Learn how to fix a flat, overhaul hubs, true wheels, adjust brakes and shifters, and more!
Classes will be limited to 12 people so that everyone gets personalized attention from the two teachers. RSVP for the classes to: or 510-898-7830 and send a check (payable to Cycles of Change) for $80-$150 to: Cycles of Change APC, 677 W. Ranger Ave, Alameda, Ca 94501.
People who receive this email will get the first opportunity to sign up for the classes before they are announced to the general public. Please RSVP in the next week if you’d like to attend.


  1. I would LOVE to attend this class, if only I didn't have to commute from Chicago! Nice to see your grandpa's engineering genes live on. Have fun and keep us posted.

  2. Sadly, the problem here is that I didn't inherit any of those genes. But I suppose he'd still approve, so that's something!