Saturday, January 09, 2010

unpromising beginnings

I've kicked the weekend off by checking out a stack of books from the library and I just have to publicly mock the two I tried to read today.
1) A supposedly not-too academic book about "terroir" in American food... Within the first two pages of the PREFACE? The author uses the word quotidian TWICE. yello?? editors?? I hurriedly skipped to the introduction. The first sentence begins: "When I was in my early thirties, just finishing my doctoral dissertation..." I put the book down and backed away.
2) On the other end of things, I optimistically tried my hand at a second Regency Romance, a recent award winner purported to be well-written and "not your average romance." I made it through about 100 pages of your stock prattle about finding eligible matches during The Season. Then it started to get "racy," and boy do I use that term loosely. Let's just say I should have listened to my instincts and dropped this one at the "rising musk" and "thrilling pathos of unfulfilled desire" on page 3.


  1. I realized when preparing to start updating my 2009 GoodReads list that I HAVE actually read a terrible Regency romance. Let's just say that your racy Regency romances ain't got nothin on mine.

  2. Seriously, I'm not sure anyone could possibly create a genre less romantic to me. Even as awesome and subversive as that sounds, as soon as I hit "baronet" in the description I pretty much screeched into reverse and hit the back button. So. Boring.