Tuesday, February 02, 2010

important debate

Straw poll people. How the hell do you pronounce the word "biopic?"

During a cinematic discussion, Richard made fun of my pronunciation. Bi-O-pic, I said. Obviously. Bio-pic, he said. Obviously.

Later, experts backed me up. Namely my dad and Inder. And, last night, Jon Stewart (@3:10).

Then, Richard fired back with Mirriam Webster and dictionary.com. Touche.

A quick google reveals that the debate rages on.
"Bi-op-ic sounds like an eyesight problem."
"Bio-pic makes more sense...but I've almost always heard reviewers, people in documentaries about the movies etc. pronounce it bi-opic."

This is my blog, so I'm right, but thoughts, anyone? Spurious logic and flaming encouraged.


  1. Sweet, to be validated by Jon!

  2. I know I always say both versions sound right to me when you & Richard have one of your trademarked pronunciation arguments, but I think I'm gonna have to buck tradition and side with him on this one. BIO-PIC. Like biography. And motion picture. You're just getting confused because it's written like bionic. And it's also my blog, so I'm right.

  3. Okay, as Richard just pointed out, the word biography would actually be pronounced with a short o like your bastardized pronunciation of biopic. But bio (BEYE-oh) is the standard abbreviation for biography, which is what I was getting at. It's all perfectly cromulent.

  4. Jon Stewart is wrong! It's bio-pic, as in a "biography" + "motion picture." That's just common sense.

  5. Jon Stewart can't be right about everything. Look how he spells his name.

    I would love to pronounce biopic rhyming with myopic, but it would be wrong and so I can't.


  6. i like the myopic version.

    off topic but i also LOVE the strawberry jam holy shit!

    -big N