Wednesday, February 24, 2010

visions of hubs dancing in my caffeinated head

Just came from my first bike class. I now know how to patch and change a flat. And have some vague mechanical idea of how bikes work (lots of ball bearings.) I also picked up my newly repaired specimen - no vital parts held on by masking tape! More than one gear! Best of all, I can get to work again without $70 parking tickets or riding the bus of death.

Unfortunately, I was super tired before the class so I stopped by Starbucks for the first time in... years? I wasn't actually sure what to order, as my go to drink has changed since then. (Skim latte has morphed into, depending on how obnoxious I feel at the moment, something approaching a soy-chai-mocha-latte. The in-store cafe people were a terrible influence with their free concoctions when I worked in Capitola.) The point being, I am very. awake. Blog readers win, second graders lose.

I'm currently jazzing up some leftover lentil soup with butternut squash. I am obsessed with butternut squash (and have an as yet unfulfilled yearning for malts) thanks to this podcast. Speaking of her soup, Inder's mom was in town for a long visit this month and wow am I still full. Enough hippie comfort food to feed an army, not to mention Inder chimed in with amazing whole wheat bread and home sprouts. Other than my valentine dinner, I'm not sure I got a meal of my own in edgewise.

Other things I have done in 2010 but not blogged about. A few weeks back I had a blissful weekend of snow and babes (the diapered kind) in tahoe, before that my dad visited, and before THAT I was in San Diego for the All-Cal convention. Also, marmalade, fluency testing, and books. Oh, the books. I seem to have hit a patch of stimulating books that resist all efforts to be reviewed. Too many thoughts. This is also holding up my 2009 book report - I'm one rave and one rant away from a pretty book cover widget.


  1. Changing Pitches!!!! I don't know what the rave is...

  2. You know it! I just wish I had a recording of our airport rant... best audio review ever. (The rave is Plenty.)