Sunday, March 07, 2010

"Any big plans for the weekend?"

The cashier asked me on Friday while he rung up my purchases.
"Did you SEE the chips and ice cream?"
I was mostly joking, but apparently there was a little too much truth in it because he gave me a pitying look in reply. Ouch. So much judging.

I miss the days when N and I used to religiously watch the Oscars. It kind of takes the fun out of it when you haven't seen ANY of the movies. I saw exactly... 4 movies in theaters last year. Star Trek and Moon with N, and Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes with KT and R. Apparently I really come out for the big franchises, hmm? I did really want to see the Hurt Locker but never got around to it. I have NO plans to see Avatar, 3-D or otherwise.

I hit up 3 thrift stores yesterday and was totally frustrated in my attempt to find ANY clothes. Then I realized it was probably for the best - I'd become like the people I'd mocked on Clean House who had to buy new stuff when they lost it in their mess. I watch that show largely because it makes my average clutter look positively spotless, but now I found myself shopping to replace some favorite shirts I'd lost in my heaps of clothing. I cleaned my room instead, and now I have something to wear tomorrow.

Joe is 10 months old! Good lord, he is dangerously cuter every day. I mean, just look at that! (Stolen from Inder's blog, where you can find more irresistible photography.)

He's also just plain dangerous, a big squishy missile immediately seeking out the most off-limits item in the room. His favorite toys are electronics and beer bottles. (I didn't say we let him HAVE any of those things...)


  1. So, you've managed to totally dismiss our viewing of Bad Blake drinking, singing, drinking more and losing children? And all this among a motley crew of Piedmontese?

  2. i watched it on a "date" sortof and the host of the party my "date" took me to was like "everyone give your oscar acceptance speech" and i thought of you and wanted to reference mr. g and the movie dave but couldn't!!! wah!

    let's have an adventure soon. something new. santa cruz??? robin is supposed to take me to half moon bay.

  3. Dad - Oh yeah, I wasn't thinking of Crazy Heart because we saw it so recently! But he surely did win best actor, you're right.

    Nata - Mr. G!!! Wow, I'd totally forgotten about our oscar pact.