Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For no reason, other than the fact that they make me laugh

While I'm on a roll, and mostly to distract you from that picture of our living room below (if I ever die spectacularly, please don't let the paparazzi get ahold of that picture), here's a little more fabulous photoimagery:
R and the delightful old bird who asked him to dance when we went out to the Coupland Dancehall for Bill's birthday. Tragically, I managed to be in the restroom for the actual asking and much of the actual dancing, but fortunately, Alexa had the presence of mind to steal a shot for posterity.

Here's another one that my brother posted a week or two ago and which I am shamelessly reprinting here because it seriously never gets old. Maybe you need to be related to a math nerd (or, I suppose, a cheerleader) to appreciate it to its full extent, but probably even if you're not it's still good. Never a dull moment in Court 5.

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  1. My favorite part of the dancing picture is how the eye is immediately attracted to the large neon state of Texas.