Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's finally census season!

Yesterday I kicked off the first day of spring in style, with singing AND jam... more later. But most importantly, Census 2010 is in the air! In case you haven't known me for the better part of the last decade, or were perhaps living under a rock somewhere, I served as a "Non-response Enumerator" back in 2000 and remain a huge census nerd. This year both Steve and I turned down census jobs, but I can still join in the propaganda campaign. There's always a few troublemakers in the news, but in my experience everyone in the real world was welcoming to me and proud to be counted. And I mean EVERYONE, from college professors to teenage mothers to recent immigrants (legal and otherwise) to condo board members to black guys hanging out on the street corner to lesbian homeowners to everyone confused by the lack of a "latino" ethnicity bubble.

The first installment in my ongoing series celebrating the impact of the census on American culture:


  1. I'm totally glad your blog doesn't have a facebook-style "Like" button...but I kind of want to click one for this post. Yay census!


  2. Since you mentioned jam in passing, I will take the opportunity to share with you that I am on the verge of finishing one jar of jam (black current preserves) and have a whole new jar of jam (mixed berry) already waiting to replace it. This is after years of nearly total jamlessness. My newly rediscovered enjoyment of having jam with my peanut butter (and bread, sort of a sandwich-type dealy) makes me feel oddly virtuous, and the only explanation for that is that eating jam is pleasing to Rebecca, and therefore I am doing something nice for the world. By eating jam. Yay me. I love sharing.

  3. I love sharing anonymously, that is. :)

  4. I shall continue enabling census and jam love. Never fear!