Wednesday, March 03, 2010

not about children, singing, or jam

(welllll, then it must be about bikes or books)

Back from my second bike class. Adjusted my brakes, with lots of hand holding (or more literally, tool holding, because I am a giant girl who can't use a wrench.) Conveniently, there's another guy with a really similar bike (3 spd Raleigh) who has a better idea of what he's doing, so I just make him tell me what to do. So, on the way to class, I finally broke off my front reflector in the always epic struggle to jam my bike into the back seat of my car. Bad news, I totally cut my thumb on the broken piece and necessitated the first ever use of my first aid kit (which has been sitting in the trunk of various cars since 2003. Good thing bandaids don't expire.) Good news, my bike now actually fits in the back seat of my car!

Also, I can't stop watching this random britcom on hulu! So much talking about books except actually talking about everything else. So much excellent insecurity. It's a total soap opera where every character is more ridiculous than the last, but the actors keep coming up with hidden depths. Like I said, can't stop watching.

"I cannot bear Allende!"

(Check out the first part of this scene to about 1:40, it's brilliant. The rest is a bit spoilery and out of context.)

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