Friday, April 02, 2010


We went back to the Western Wall on our extra day in Jerusalem. On the first visit, I felt the weight of history but didn't feel my own purpose in being there. On the second visit I came prepared with prayer. That made all the difference.

One scrap of paper I tucked into the wall, which you may have heard is easier said than done. (It makes me feel better to know that the prayers are ritually cleaned out and buried twice a year.) On the other paper I had scrawled a few words to say. (Remember my trusty Companion for the Modern Jewish Pilgrim?)

Acknowledgement at the wall:
The wall is silent. For an instant, I am her tongue. O God, cleanse my lips, make me worthy to be her tongue.

View from the plaza into the women's side of the wall. (I've just noticed the lady who seems to be spying on the men's side. Classy.)

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