Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Some "File Under..."s for the new decade

THINGS EATEN THIS WEEK, QUESTIONABLE: Rancid butter, yogurt that expired over a month ago, homemade bread that was still gooey in the middle

HOLIDAYS, QUESTIONABLE: Um, happy Texas Independence Day, y'all.

CANDIDATES, QUESTIONABLE: The primaries are today and Governor Good Hair has been running incessant commercials against his main opponent... apparently "voting with Washington since 1993" is what serves as effective mudslinging in Texas. Adopted home state, you will never cease to amaze me.

SPEAKING OF VOTING...: Please don't tell any of my politico colleagues that I didn't get around to voting. That's not even a joke. I am literally not telling anyone I work with that I didn't vote; they would be genuinely horrified.

KATHY GRIFFIN NAMEDROP, BEST: Johnny Weir to Larry King, as per here

TECHNOLOGY, FAILED ATTEMPT TO KEEP ABREAST OF: I'm guessing that nobody else who reads this blog needs to utilize two dvd players hooked up to each other in order to properly watch movies on their tv. (Please don't be fooled by my use of the word "properly" into thinking that all our movies don't have random and incomplete subtitles that show up sporadically at the bottom of the screen and we can't figure out how to get rid of. Because they do. Oh yes, they do.)

Okay, that's enough filing for now. Happy March!


  1. I'm still stuck on our "Is grass supposed to look like that?" "Is ketchup supposed to look like that?" screening of napolean dynamite.

  2. ps: speaking of mr weir have you seen this excellent piece? (Confession. Infomania kind of makes me nuts with its tongue in cheek white hipsterness, but I sometimes binge watch it anyway while making jam.)

  3. Funny, I was wondering to myself if I could get away with not telling anyone that I DID vote. Seriously, I can't think of a single primary race where I felt horrified that one candidate might beat the other. Or terribly pleased at the thought someone might win. Bill White? Meh, I got no problem with Bill White. At least that foreigner guy with the funny name didn't win. Seriously, how vanilla is "Bill White" compared to "Farouk Shami"?


  4. But his lifetime of being a hair-care mogul has given him all the experience you need to govern the nation's second-largest state!

  5. Oh. My. God. I knew that Farouk was some sort of self-made rich man but I didn't know he was in the hair care game. Governor Goodhair? Governor Good Hair Products? Governor White? At least Kinky decided not to run for governor (but Ag Commissioner instead? Well, I guess he does have a ranch...).

  6. For real. On the BurkaBlog one of the commenters called them Governor Good Hair, Governor Big Hair (KayBay), Governor I'll Do Your Hair, and Governor No Hair.