Wednesday, March 03, 2010

those meddling kids

My life is awfully cute, but pretty mundane to report. Thanks to the amount of time I spend with people ages 0-7. Witness.

8:30 This morning I was recruited to fill in for Read Across America Day (in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.) Task? Read to children. (This is probably the job you think I already have, but usually I'm stuck listening to children read to me! Which, OK, also has its charms.) I finally got to share my copy of Gregory, the Terrible Eater.

2:00 Dear 3 students in my last class of the day: Woe. You have no idea how directly your behavior correlates to my craving for chips and cookies.

3:15 Fortunately for my mood, Joe and I often share an after-school snack. By which I mean I taunt him with my chips and cookies while he munches puffed corn and tries to feed it to the dogs.

Extrapolate upon this montage, insert jam and singing... and This Is Your Life.


  1. Dear 3 students in Rebecca's last class of the day: Do you think Miss Rebecca means, "Woe," as in your behavior inspires sorrow and makes me (her) hungry, or "Whoa," as in just stop it. Contextually I'm inclined to believe it is the latter, but I find it hard to believe someone so well-read would make this spelling mistake. What do you think, dear students?


    Confused and obnoxious, mostly obnoxious, in western Massachusetts

  2. I enjoy how our blog has somehow morphed into a copy editors' convention.

    Actually, you nailed it in one! No typos here, just the sorrow and hunger. (Commanding them to stop and consider my feelings? Even hypothetically, it never occurred to me.)