Wednesday, April 21, 2010

baby mechanics and baby cukes

I had the most miserable start to my morning, almost enough to turn around and call in sick again. Still hacking, I get on my bike and immediately come up against a terrible headwind. Then it starts raining. THEN I get a flat!! For the second time this spring, and come on, I only commute a measly 4 miles a day, that's ridiculous. *shakes my fist at the Oakland streets filled with potholes and broken glass* Weeeeell, it will be quite the final exam when I fix the flat - I'll also have to readjust the brake and gears when I put the wheel back on. Maybe I'll clean out the back hub while I'm at it, and that will literally integrate all four of my bike classes. It might take me an ungodly amount of time, but I'm reasonably sure I can actually do those things!

Joe's the one cut out to be a bike mechanic though... he can't get enough of all those sturdy moving parts.

When I finally got home my day brightened considerably. Just when I'd started to give up all hope (*shakes fist at the late season rain*) TWO OF MY CUCUMBERS GERMINATED!!!!

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