Monday, April 19, 2010

Nationalism and slow blogging

I hear it's Israel's birthday today! (One of these days I'll remember to unsubscribe from the birthright spamlists.)

That's... a random statue. Who knows why I took that picture. But it lives outside Independence Hall, where they declared independence on this day 62 years ago. Our tour was fairly awesome in that it was the one moment we got the kind of nationalist propaganda people expect when you tell them you're going on a free trip to Israel. An 80s era informational video and then our tour guide, Itzhak, made a rousing speech about how our parents and grandparents made the country possible and how it's our haven now and forever. He was funny and worked in a lot of you young people today and your cell phones and your google, back in 48 they were packed into this room with no air conditioning and nothing but love for their country to keep them cool - "You cannot google the feeling!" It was a bit over the top, which I think is legally required inside the walls of any country's Independence Hall, but fundamentally true. I mean, all our good Jewish forebears collected pennies for Israel and now the responsibility is on our generation to make things right there.

Yes, I know, it's all about Israel and the census around here these days. My life? Sick + singing + Joe is a big boy + haircut + why aren't my cucumbers germinating? + MP is worth going to West VA for! And, you know, expand that to a few weeks of blog posts. I would apologize, but instead I'll refer you to this fabulous quote from Gen at Consider the Pantry:
I like to think of this blog as a slow blog, you know, like slow food. I take my sweet time doing the mise-en-place, put a post on the burner and simmer it, bake ideas for a week or more at low temperatures. And I promised myself when I started blogging that I would never apologize for not blogging “enough.” What is it with blogger’s guilt? How many times have you read a riffs on the “Sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve been so busy with work/my baby/getting drunk, I promise I’ll try harder…” missive? Bloggers: blog or don’t blog but never apologize.


  1. Love the slow blog quote. Also, love having a post to read! This time last year, we were in SF--wish we were visiting now.


  2. Yes, I was just thinking fondly on last year and missing you guys! *crosses fingers for making it to the PVAD*