Sunday, May 02, 2010

are you sick of pickles yet? wait for it, wait for it....

So many things of substance to blog about... but look out, picklewatch is cutting in front of the line! My first little cucumber sprout is a big boy now, as pictured. He and his Parisian gherkin brothers were the first to come in, and now that the weather is nice, things are germinating all over! The Ace and Lemon cukes are coming in nicely. The only seeds that didn't do anything were Katie's, and that's probably because I didn't store them properly. (Did yours sprout? Or can't you tell under all that parsley?) I wasn't even tempted to buy the pickling cucumber starts I saw at the Jack London Square market today for backup. SOMETHING's going to come from this crop.

Speaking of pickles, yesterday I think I ate my weight in pickled goods. Happy Girl Kitchen had a food preservation party, which was a blast (I'll post more fun pictures at the jam blog soon.) Guests shared all kinds of preserved goods and the hosts, who specialize in pickles, provided a bottomless pickle tray. I'd already cleaned my plate several times and topped it off with dessert when I noticed three jars of bread n butter pickles all in a row.

There was nothing for it but to get a clean plate and conduct an impromptu taste test.

For the record, #1 (The Happy Girl home team entry) was the clear winner - large crunchy slices, clean flavor, if a little too sweet for me. #2 too thin, didn't have enough brine which made it syrupy, too many ingredients. #3 not bad, the addition of ginger was a nice touch.

Mmm, I could go for a midnight pickle snack right now. Are pickles addictive?


  1. Heck YES they're addictive! R (my R) made some last year that are soooo yummy...I've been rationing them and appeasing my addiction with vastly-inferior-but-still-compelling store-bought varieties. All the more amazing as she can't stand them.

    The pickle sproutlet pictures keep making my hands twitch with the urge to weed, though. We've been infested with "wild cucumber" (Echinocystis lobata) the past few years, getting progressively worse each year. The sprouts looks almost exactly the same as non-evil cucumber. This spring I've been going out and pulling them up with an almost obsessive zeal.


  2. Those who keep their evil weeding far away from my precious pickle patch will be rewarded...

  3. Ginger! Yes, good idea.